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Dr. James has a passion for consulting. Having served as the Director of Psychological Services at Kessler AFB, Dr. James routinely addressed challenges raised by executives, medical providers, and researchers. She worked to identify underlying causes of large-scale problems and to develop methodologies to remedy the problems.  Dr. James has continued her passion through partnering with local social services agencies to develop local policy changes and is currently working with the Governor's Task Force for Safe Schools to select and further develop methods to assess and mitigate violence risk within the NC school system.  Dr. James' approach to consultation is to begin with an understanding of the organization and their current needs and subsequently outline a recommended course of action along with methods to measure success.


Recent projects include:


Needs assessment and organizational development - Department of Social Services

Executive consultation - Department of Social Services

Violence risk assessment planning, recommendations, and guidance - Task Force for Safe Schools

Reduction in DWI, domestic violence, and suicide project - project manager - United States Air Force

Template management, provider satisfaction, and provider productivity - United States Air Force

Traumatic Stress Response Team Leader - United States Air Force


Through needs assessment, research, and direct communication, Dr. James assists business leaders, government agencies, providers, and researchers in selecting methodologies to attain their vision and goals.  Each project is a unique and exciting challenge.


Planning                                                               Strategy                                                               Goal



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