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Whether you represent a defendant charged with a crime, the government prosecuting a crime, or a plaintiff or defendant in a civil action, if your case involves child development, forensic interviewing, mental status, and other psycho-legal concepts, you need expert forensic psychological services as part of your case preparation. 


The office of Amy D James, PsyD offers objective forensic psychological evaluations, expert witness testimony, work review, second opinion, and trial consultation.  Our office values evidence based assessment, communication with referral sources, and ongoing training and consultation in order to ensure we are providing our best work to our clients.


We currently serve Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia through all services offered and we consult nationally on federal matters, school threat assessment, child forensic interviewing reviews, and consultation and testimony on how to assess the veracity of sexual abuse allegations.  

To-date, Dr. James has been retained on over 130 first degree murder cases (State and Federal); 60 consultations in cases with allegations of child sexual abuse (State and Federal); 300 evaluations of family related matters (i.e. custody, parenting capacity); multiple other evaluations; and she has testified in court over 100 times.  




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