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Forensic services are court-ordered, attorney-retained, or referred by an agency such as the Department of Social Services, Law Enforcement Agency, or other third party. When selecting an evaluator, it is crucial to retain someone with knowledge of the governing legal statutes as well as ongoing training in the area of psychology and the law.

Attorney Consultation


Case planning and strategy support
Child forensic interview reviews and consultation
Review and critique of mental health records/evaluations
Preparation for direct and cross examinations
Training to attorneys and paralegals regarding issues of 
mental health within the legal system



​​Child custody/parenting plans

Child forensic interviewing

Child abuse/neglect 

Fitness for duty


Mental/psychological injury











Criminal - Adult and Juvenile 

Criminal competencies

Criminal responsibility / mental state at the time

Capital and non-capital sentencing 

Juvenile transfer

Miller resentencing

Forensic Evaluations & Expert Witness Testimony
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