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Dr. James provides training and consultation to law enforcement officers, school districts, and other professionals and organizations.  Dr. James works with your organization to create trainings to address your needs.  Some of the most requested trainings are below:

Psychological Aspects of School Threat Assessment and Management: 16 hour

Target Audience:  Law Enforcement, SROs, School Mental Health Professionals, School Administrators, Law Makers, School Safety Specialists

Learning Objectives: This training includes the 8-hour training and expands upon it through increased exercises, hot washes, and threat management education.                  

Evaluating Child Forensic Interviews: 8 hour

Target Audience:  Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorneys, Criminal Defense Attorneys, Forensic Mental Health Professionals 


Learning Objectives:  Understand intellectual, learning, age, and mental health factors that influence conducting child forensic interviews. Learn implications of poorly conducted interviews. Obtain an overview of the NICHD protocol for interviewing children. Apply the NICHD protocol to interviews for critique and evaluation.


Considerations for Diminished Capacity and Mitigation with Military and Veteran Defendants:  4 or 8 hour

Target Audience:  Judges, Criminal Defense Attorneys, Mitigation Specialists, and Forensic Mental Health Evaluators


Learning Objectives:  Understand basics of military command structure, training, adaptive behaviors, and potential trauma  sources. Know and apply information regarding pre-military trauma and how it affects resiliency to other traumas. Understand research and applied findings regarding working with military defendants.  Know how to best determine whether defendant's claims are credible.  Understand how to request the needed records to aid in defense preparation.                                                                                             


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